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My favorite part of this would probably be her magic aura and the back ground. Both are very well done. Twilight is pretty good, but I did notice a few minor issues. The first is with the positioning of the wings. From this vantage point you should be able to see the tops of her wings, and her bottom feathers should be pointed towards the backs. The next thing is her left hoof. I was just wondering why she is displaying the underside of it, and if this was done purposefully. Something else is the lower half of Twilight's face. This is a little bit nit picky, but her chin shouldn't come to a point as this is a trait seen in human chins. Lastly, the lighting on Twilight's face is too bright. Since she is faced away from the moon, and her magic isn't all that bright, her face should be a bit darker. Now I know that this is a lot of criticism, but this isn't a bad piece. I loved the look of Twilight's eyes and the over all positioning of the body is very interesting. I look forward to seeing more from you. Great job and keep up the good work!
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VanillaGhosties Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the feedback!
Ah yeah, I never thought of that but you're totally right.
The underside of the hoof was sort of done purposefully, as I was thinking about having her swooping down to save someone in the river, but I scrapped that idea, and the hoof was left like that.
Ah alright, should've smoothed that part out.
Yep yep, sounds good.
Thank you! :)
zsocreed Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
No problem! I always enjoy critiquing your work. Your so talented and always calmly accept any tips offered. So thanks for being so accepting of my criticisms. 
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