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I have wanted to try my hand at computer animation. Can anyone recommend a good program for beginners? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
So I uploaded this app and it's super cute! Here's my avatar. 
So I was flipping through my gallery and I noticed something. I have a remarkable number of pieces without backgrounds. The issue is I don't like doing backgrounds, but it makes it look so much better. 
I just wanted to thank everyone who have watched my page, commented on my art, added my art to their favorites, and just looked at my page. You all are so talented and I appreciate what you do! Keep up the good work 😉
Flipping through deviant art again and blown away by the talent!😃 I'd like to get better at backgrounds and such, so if any one has tips I'd greatly appreciate it. That and how to get smoother colors. Thx to anyone who replies!
So a few things... I'm completely open to comments on my artwork, mostly because I'd love to improve. Also the offer still stands for me to make pony OCs for anyone who wants one.
I draw things to fast. And then I don't have the right coloring supplies with me. And then by the time I gave the right supplies, I don't feel like coloring it. So now I have a huge pile of drawings that need to be colored from like a month ago...
If any one wants me to make them a pony OC just let me know. All I need is what type of pony you want, what you're into, name, and favorite colors...
Flipping through Deviant Art and seeing all these incredibly talented artists. I only hope I can live up to their standards and improve while I'm on this site 
Have about half my drawings on. Need to do the other half
I have had to throw away 2 drawings away in an attempt to get my Dr. Pinkie and Miss Pie drawing right. I think I'm just going to throw in the towel for now...
So I'm trying to figure out how to properly upload my art on here. I think I'll need a scanner...